LichtenbergThe Lichtenberg® Institute for functional voice training was founded in 1982 by singer and teacher Gisela Rohmert together with her husband Professor Walter Rohmert. Their goal was to incorporate recent results of scientific research in the development of singing and playing instruments. The reason for this was a research project in 1980 at the Institute of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Darmstadt. A wide range of physiological and acoustic measurement techniques made ​​it possible to understand the processes that occur while performing.

Research was done to numerous physical techniques with respect to their effect on the sound of the voice. The qualities that were attributed to the healthy vocal function of the larynx were: freedom, convenience, a wide vocal range and richness of overtones, whatever the age of the singer.

Significantly more comprehensive understanding of the relationship of our sensory nervous system with the sound of the voice led to a new approach of the teachings of singing and playing. This in turn led to a new approach in vocal and instrumental pedagogy. The usual motorial approach has been replaced by a sensorial approach.

The method Lichtenberger wants to improve the quality of the singing voice by raising awareness and stimulation of the senses, rather than through pre determined expectations. For example, the larynx can be controlled in a natural and efficient way.